State of Design 2023

We are thrilled to present our highly anticipated full-length report: State of Design 2023.

by Design denmark, 23.05.2023

This comprehensive study represents a significant milestone for the Danish design industry, as it marks the largest survey conducted in the field in recent times, with an incredible response from nearly 300 individuals within the Danish design community.

First and foremost, we extend our sincerest appreciation to each and every respondent who generously shared their insights and experiences, making this report a reality. Without their invaluable contributions, the State of Design 2023 would not have been possible (obviously). We are humbled by the overwhelming support and enthusiasm demonstrated by the Danish design industry, and we are immensely proud to share the fruits of this collaborative effort with everyone.

The report delves into various aspects, ranging from design disciplines and sectors to emerging technologies and sustainable practices. By exploring the insights shared by our respondents, we gain valuable knowledge that can inspire, inform, and drive the future of Danish design. Moreover, this report serves as a vital resource for design professionals, policymakers, educators, and enthusiasts alike, enabling us all to make more informed decisions and shape a brighter future for the Danish design industry.

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