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New Network for Interior Designers!

“Application of inner sustainability goals in the interior industry”/“Anvendelse af indre bæredygtighedsmål i indretningsbranchen”

Network is in danish


How did ‘Danish Design’ become a success? Products, management, design policy, or…?

Join The Danish Academy to explore the development of the Danish design scene from the 1980s to today and discuss overlooked aspects of Danish design history. This seminar, based on

August 15th
9.00 – 16.00

Design Sprint 2024 – BLOXHUB In collaboration with The Royal Academy

Organized by BLOXHUB. Does your company need help tackling a design challenge? All members of BLOXHUB, now have the opportunity to work with students from the Royal Danish Academy, who,

September 2nd – 13th
8.00 – 17.00

Munich Fabric Start 2024

Event by MUNICH FABRIC START. Munich Fabric Start 2024 is a leading international trade fair for textiles and accessories, held biannually in Munich, Germany. This is a key event for

September 3rd – 4th

Beyond the Lens: How AI is changing creative workflows

Organized by Designit. Join Designit to dive deeper into the workflow, use cases, and impact of Generative AI in the design process. With new powerful AI tools at our disposal,

September 5th
16.00 – 17.30

Futures Friends CPH 333 Lunch

Event organized by Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. Calling all futurists, trend forecasters, strategists, researchers, and adjacent thinkers! CIFS is hosting an exciting event together with Futures Friends in Copenhagen!

September 10th
13.00 – 15.00


Organized by FAOD. Learn how to select and describe your projects. For those who want to enhance their portfolio and for those who are just getting started. At this workshop,

September 12th
17.00 – 20.00


AI – is it the future of design?

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), technological development has taken a quantum leap. Where does that leave design as a profession, and where does the individual designer fit into this technological evolution?

Designing for the New World

If design is part of the problem, how can design be part of the answer? In her new book Design for the New World. From Human Design to Planet Design, professor Ida Engholm explores the inherent values in our design methodologies and ideas for reclaiming design as a force for good – not only for humanity but the entire planet. Design denmark sat down with her to discuss the future of design.

What might it mean for us to move past human-centered design?

Design has thrived as a human-centered practice, but how can we move beyond the privileging of humans to explore design as a practice of cohabitation and mutualism?

What we offer

We believe in impact tomorrow inspiration together craft thinking

What the world needs now more than our Danish modesty is our craft, our humanity, and our optimism. 

In a world of uncertainty design must inspire possibility by continuously advancing beyond our craft to create positive impact and add new value, as a mindset of how we as humans engage the world. It points to a better tomorrow shaped by our actions today. 

A future not only imagined, but what we make of it.

Design is possibility in the making.