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New Framework for Design

Generously funded by Dreyers Fond, Design denmark is creating a new digital platform highlighting the many different aspects of design work to facilitate more transparent designer-client relations.  


Design Matters 2023

Design Matters is a Copenhagen-based team organizing an international conference on digital design – made for designers, by designers. It is a place to meet, share ideas, and discuss experiences.

September 27th


Danish Creative Industries is hosting DCI GO! This is for all creative companies looking to expand their network and/or meet investors, as well as individuals or organizations interested in investing

September 27th
9:00 – 15:30


DIGITAL INFORMATION MEETING ABOUT NEW GRANT PROGRAM Join us as the Danish Arts Foundation’s Project Support Committee for Crafts and Design hosts a digital information meeting about the new grant

September 29th
10.00 – 11.00

Wayfinding Collective

Why is it that wayfinding is often overlooked in design processes despite its tremendous importance for the functionality of place? Together with Michaela Pihl Olsen from Urgent.Agency, Design denmark has started Wayfinding Collective

September 29

Talk with Knud Romer and Katinka: Is there room for everyone in the city?

Copenhagen should be for everyone, we say. But what does that really mean? That anyone who wants to can live here – whether they come with empty pockets or a

October 2nd


LET’S JOIN FORCES IN SUPPORTING A GREEN TRANSITION WITH SMART CITY SOLUTIONS! Smart solutions are an inevitable part of creating sustainable environments. If we use data wisely, we can move

October 3-4th


The book has to have a reason to be a book

Young Danish book designer, Louis Montes, has made quite a splash lately with his unique and creative exploration of the book as an object.

Design, Interrupted

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and discover how friction in the design process is not only beneficial, but necessary for critical thinking and meaningful change.

State of design 2023

This comprehensive study represents a significant milestone for the Danish design industry, as it marks the largest survey conducted in the field in recent times, with an incredible response from nearly 300 individuals within the Danish design community.

What we offer

We believe in impact tomorrow inspiration together craft thinking

What the world needs now more than our Danish modesty is our craft, our humanity, and our optimism. 

In a world of uncertainty design must inspire possibility by continuously advancing beyond our craft to create positive impact and add new value, as a mindset of how we as humans engage the world. It points to a better tomorrow shaped by our actions today. 

A future not only imagined, but what we make of it.

Design is possibility in the making.