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Statens Værksteder for Kunst

Open Call

Danish Art Workshops (Statens Værksteder) Presents ‘Selected Projects‘ – An exhibition platform for art and design during 3daysofdesign 2024.

Now, you can apply for an exhibition space of 5m2 at the Danish Art Workshops.

Application deadline: 10 January 2024 at midnight.


Christmasmarket for design: VÆRK

Welcome to the city’s Christmas market for design, where you can buy this year’s most beautiful, unique Christmas gifts for friends, family, or even for yourself. VÆRK presents unique works

December 1 – 10th
10.00 – 18.00

3D Printing Workshop, Part 1

Course organized by KEA. This workshop will cover, among other things – understanding of 3D technology and its application in the jewellery and accessories industry, including both 3D printing and

December 11th
16.00 – 19.00

Material inspiration – With focus on circular economy

Event organized by KEA. Come and experience KEA’s material universe. You will gain insight into circular material approaches by exploring our collection, as well as Material ConneXion, one of the

December 11th
14.00 – 16.00


In the final edition of “10 x Tirsdag” this year, you can meet architect and design director Niklas Nolsøe from the Lendager studio. Lendager focuses on solving construction projects using

December 12th
08.30 – 09.15

Sustainability and Technology – Development of Sustainable Action Plans with Technology

Event organized by Lifestyle & Design Cluster. For this webinar, experts delve into consumer awareness and technological communication, as well as interactive product information. You will leave the workshop with

December 14th
9.00 – 10:30

Conference – Design and Dementia

How can interior design solutions contribute to ameaningful everyday life for people with dementia? In collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, Assens Municipality is organizing a 1-day conference on

December 14th


Designing for the New World

If design is part of the problem, how can design be part of the answer? In her new book Design for the New World. From Human Design to Planet Design, professor Ida Engholm explores the inherent values in our design methodologies and ideas for reclaiming design as a force for good – not only for humanity but the entire planet. Design denmark sat down with her to discuss the future of design.

What might it mean for us to move past human-centered design?

Design has thrived as a human-centered practice, but how can we move beyond the privileging of humans to explore design as a practice of cohabitation and mutualism?

Fostering Sustainable Innovation

Innovation is not a department; it's a culture. In this article Michael McKay delves into the complexities of fostering innovation within large organizations, drawing from theoretical frameworks and real-world experiences to offer a multifaceted approach to sustainable innovation.

What we offer

We believe in impact tomorrow inspiration together craft thinking

What the world needs now more than our Danish modesty is our craft, our humanity, and our optimism. 

In a world of uncertainty design must inspire possibility by continuously advancing beyond our craft to create positive impact and add new value, as a mindset of how we as humans engage the world. It points to a better tomorrow shaped by our actions today. 

A future not only imagined, but what we make of it.

Design is possibility in the making.