The Association of Design Professionals since 1946

Design denmark gives voice to the entire Danish design community and drives positive change through action, inspiration and collaboration. We award and celebrate excellence and originality in design, and promote Danish design’s greater good impact worldwide.

As a member funded non-profit design association all profits go straight into projects and events that grow our community and our impact — inspiring all generations of design talent to do more and to do better.

We are an open and inclusive association based on the belief that design is for everyone, because still not everyone benefits from the value and values of Danish design.

Read more below to find the missions we are guided by and how we are organized with a board of members and various committees. 


Our Missions


Incite community through collaboration
We build community around engaging and collaborative events, projects, and socials. We activate our members and partners to create the best curated annual design calendar, and bring international awareness to the value of Danish design.

Cultivate and voice new perspectives
We publish inspiring perspectives that design can bring to business, culture and societal agendas. We think of ourselves as curating an ever-changing source of ideas and solutions brought to life by our community.

Empower lifelong designers
We stimulate the ability and curiosity to learn and grow as designers in a rapid changing world. We unlock the collective knowledge of our community to empower designers of all generations.

Recognise design excellence
We award and celebrate excellence and originality in design, and promote Danish design’s greater good impact worldwide.

The Board of Directors

The board of directors is the governing body of a Design denmark, It is elected democratically by members at our yearly General Assembly. It is the board of directors who oversee the organization’s strategy and economy. We encourage every member who is interested to make their voice heard by applying for a position in the board. 


Lotte Lyngsted Jepsen
Chair Design denmark 
Service Designer
Hatch & Bloom

Jesper von Wieding
Vice-chair Design denmark 
Strategic Creative Director

Mark Guarraia
Vice President, Future User Experience
Devices and Delivery Solutions
Novo Nordisk

Eva Valcke
Director of Education

Mikkel Lemvig
Creative Director
Designit CPH

Carsten Ngyuen Henriksen
Independent Creative Director
& Brand Specialist

Birgitte Smedegaard
Partner & Industrial Designer

Rune Kirt
CEO, Cand.arch.

Søren Frahm
Artlinco A/S


Charlotte Mathiesen
Innovation Consultant


Michael Brinch
Designer & Branding Expert

The Legal Committee

Design denmark’s Legal Committee advises in professional disputes between members and customers and in cases concerning compliance with the association’s ethical and collegial rules.

The committee also participates as an advisor in the organization of competitions in accordance with national and international cooperation agreements.

Design denmark’s Legal Committee consists of members of the association, who together possess many years of experience from the design industry with a detailed insight into the industry’s many disciplines and niches and their related legal matters. 


Thomas Alken

Kim Meyer Andersen

Birgitte Borup

Lotte Nystrup Lund

Svend Onø

Tine Mouritzen

Steinar Valade-Amland

The Appointing Committee

Design denmark’ is managing a large number of positions of trusts in the design industry. To ensure a full fairness and transparency, we strive to hold open calls whenever possible and invite every member of Design denmark to participate in the design industry eco-system. The Appointing Committee is overseeing the appointing process as well as holding the positions of trust to the highest standards possible. See “Organization” below for a full view of the various positions Design denmark manage. 

Birgitte Smedegaard

Kim Meyer

Pil Bredahl



The Articles of Association is the governing framework for Design denmark. 



Design denmark is not just a board and operations. 

It consists of a number of sub-committees, positions of trusts and more. Get the full overview of the organization here (in Danish).



For inquiries, comments or collaborations, please go here.