Design denmark is a not-for-profit organization utilizing all our resources bettering the conditions for designers in Denmark and helping to create Danish design impact around the world. 

We showcase the craft, stories and products of our members, because we believe that Danish design has an important role to play – leading the way to new sustainable, ethical futures. 

We consider ourselves both your sparring partner for projects and ideas as well as your megaphone helping to make your voice heard. 

We build tools, shape new knowledge and foster relations between designers and the rest of the world. 

And then there is all the rest…

Safe from harm

In Design denmark we fight like no other to protect the rights of designers.

Peer-to-peer advisory service: Get access to Denmark’s best peer-to-peer advisory service with experienced designers covering all sorts of legal matters related to design work.

Legal help: We collaborate with and offer discounts for legal help from the best lawyers in the field of IP legislation.

Contract templates: As a member you also get access to specialized contract templates designed to suit the needs of the design industry. 

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Grow as a designer

Join our networks, talks, webinars, and more completely free of charge and get massive discounts on masterclasses, conferences, festivals.

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Apply for positions of trust in the design community

Design denmark makes a whole array of internal and external positions of trust available to our members through open calls. 

As a member you can apply to become a juror at the Danish courts, participate in various design related boards and advisory boards, enroll in Denmark’s best “Syn & skøn” corps. 

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Find inspiration

We collaborate with and offer discounts to a whole host of inspirational venues: Louisiana, Trapholt, Aros, Designmuseum Denmark, and more…

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