Trevor Paglen, From 'Apple' to 'Anomaly', 2023. Photographer Malle Madsen.

Seeing like a machine – Meet artist Trevor Paglen

Date: March 20th
Time: 19.30
Location: Koncertsalen, Gl. Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk, Denmark

Event organized by Louisiana.

In this lecture, the American artist Trevor Paglen explores the technologies behind and reveals lesser-known stories from AI research: a Cold War AI expert employed by the CIA to pave the way for facial recognition, a series of heartbreaking experiments with kittens that prompted a peculiar picture theory, and a controversial university initiative aiming to categorize all objects, which resulted in a sinister nightmare. All the stories illustrate the multifaceted impact of technological development.

Paglen will explore answers to a series of fundamental questions along the way: In an era of artificial intelligence, what constitutes an image and how do technology and humans interpret it? And, perhaps most importantly, how do these technological shifts affect our daily lives and existing cultural and political structures?

Trevor Paglen, From ‘Apple’ to ‘Anomaly’, 2023. Photographer Malle Madsen.

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