Design denmark establishes new partnership with Connie – the Danish eSign and document management platform for creators and creatives.

As opposed to other eSign solutions, Connie has three distinct advantages that we think can be greatly beneficial for our members…

1. It is made with creators and creatives in mind

Connie is a startup from the Danish design company Stupid Studio, and it is specifically made to solve real practical problems that they were experiencing as a design agency. So the simple to use interface is made for us, as designers. 

2. It will elevate the design sector

As passionate designers we are not always focused on the business aspects of running a business, and this is something we really see a potential to help elevate across the sector. With Connie, you can access our legal template directly from the platform, and this in turn helps you be more compliant and have your house in order when it comes to contracts, rights, collaborations and so on.

3. It’s GDPR compliant 

Protecting the privacy and data of employees, customers and collaborators is more important than ever, and most other eSign solutions transfer data outside of EU. This is not something you have to worry about, and luckily Connie is hosting all your exclusively data in Denmark.

As mentioned, it enables us to effectively share all the great legal templates that we offer our members. No more outdated Word files flying around. One source of truth, making sure pur Members always use the latest most uptodate version 

As a member of Design Denmark, you gain access to Connie and its facilities plus all Dd’s templates for every contract purpose a designer could need.

The benefits as a member are:

3 months free
20% discount on the ongoing subscription on any plan 
Free onboarding and introduction Access to Design Denmark’s contract templates

To start using Connie, see more on your personal member page.

Or book a 1:1 session with the team at Connie, for a demo of the platform, here.

Read and see more about Connie and the membership benefits here

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