A Stronger
Danish Design Award

Danish Design Award will be on standby in 2023 as Danish Design Center and Design denmark work to shape a format that strengthens the Award’s impact and relevance for people, businesses, and society.

by Design denmark, 06.12.2022

Since 2016, Danish Design Award has celebrated the difference that design makes across a wide range of categories, from better healthcare to work life and the best young design talents in Denmark.

The partners behind the Award, Danish Design Center and Design denmark have decided to take the Award to the next level, extending the partner circle and looking at new ways to fulfill the Award’s international potential.

Christian Bason, CEO, Danish Design Center:

”Danish Design Award is an award worth winning. It is also a Danish award in an increasingly global context. Danish design already makes a major difference worldwide. We want to strengthen the impact of Danish Design Award in terms of global branding and marketing opportunities. In short, we want to put even more cutting-edge Danish design ideas and solutions on the world map. I look forward to working with Design denmark and new partners to achieve these ambitions.”

Henrik Lübker, CEO, Design denmark: 

“Danish design is a possibility in the making. With a strong team of partners, we believe that the award has the potential to create real change and impact for Danish designers and for the world. We believe that the most important part of the Danish design story is not our rich heritage but the part we are about to write.”

As the work progresses, the partners have decided to put the Award on hold in 2023. The partners are extending an open invitation to all design organizations in Denmark to join the initial dialogue to shape a new partner circle and format for Danish Design Award.

Please contact CEO of Design denmark Henrik Lübker or CEO of Danish Design Center Christian Bason, if you are interested in becoming a Danish Design Award Partner.

Read more about the Danish Design Award here.

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