Design Leadership Programme Denmark by PARK Academy

Design Leadership Programme Denmark – by PARK Academy Deadline for application: 28.06.2024 Is your organization in need of stronger design leadership? Do you need better tools to steer design in your organization in a direction that is better for your organization, your customers, and the planet? Join PARK Academy’s Design Leadership program in Copenhagen autumn […]

Fostering Sustainable Innovation

Innovation is not a department; it’s a culture. In this article Michael McKay delves into the complexities of fostering innovation within large organizations, drawing from theoretical frameworks and real-world experiences to offer a multifaceted approach to sustainable innovation.

Demolition of Preconceived Ideas

The design and implementation of what we term as ‘demolition activities’ or ‘removing the blinders’ in innovation parlance, is arguably one of the most anxiety-inducing tasks we undertake as innovation leaders


A New Approach to Organizational Transformation