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Wayfinding Collective

A networking group focused on wayfinding that can provide a platform for professionals to connect and share their knowledge of the discipline. Members can learn from one another’s experiences and perspectives, expanding their understanding of the field of wayfinding.

The group’s purpose is to create more focus on the discipline of wayfinding in Denmark, which is often overlooked despite its importance in creating intuitive and efficient navigation systems. By bringing together professionals with different backgrounds and experiences within healthcare, transportation, urban planning, cultural institutions, etc the group can promote the use of wayfinding in various contexts.

In addition, the group aims to have a voice in the political debate and explore what can be done within our building regulations, as well as engage with other relevant stakeholders. This is to ensure that wayfinding is considered an integral part of the building and design process and that it is given the necessary attention and funding.
Members can discuss different design elements such as pictograms, colors, typography, and universal design to improve wayfinding, and share case studies and real-world examples to gain insights into how to enhance the wayfinding experience.

The group can serve as a way to build professional connections and relationships within the wayfinding community, expanding members’ networks and potentially leading to collaborations on projects or initiatives.
Overall, the wayfinding-focused networking group can facilitate the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge within the discipline, while also advocating for its importance in creating intuitive, efficient, and storytelling navigation systems, and contributing to the political debate around it.

In-house designers

When was the last time you met an in-house designer in an interview, in a design magazine – or on stage at a design conference or awards ceremony? How many design school students dream of managing and challenging a CVI for a major company or organization?

This network is for designers who work with design in an organization or company where the product is not directly associated with design. The aim is to create an inspiring and rewarding forum with space to geek out, share knowledge, and spar.

Christoffer Tange:
Patrick Leith Andresén:


Do you need sparring to set your professional direction? Do you need to expand your network in terms of subcontractors for tasks? Are you sometimes a bit of a worn-out one-man army? Do you miss colleagues for co-creation and conversation, or do you just want to share? Do you need support to become a better merchant? Or are you wondering what your next step is, or maybe how to get there? Get inspiration, professional insights, colleagues, and witnesses to your business and your process.

The goal is to create an inspiring and rewarding forum with room to geek out, inspire and share knowledge. We meet to discuss relevant topics, share how things are going, help each other gain new perspectives on challenges, and develop better business practices. We witness each other’s growth and use the hot seat and mentoring roles to collectively gain a better overview and awareness of how to manage your time and achieve your goals, step by step.

Tea Bendix:
Maiken Hallingskov:


Sustainable Innovation

Are Danish designers part of the solution to the global climate crisis? We’re pretty sure of it in the Sustainable Innovation Network. But how exactly? That’s what we want to explore, discuss, and professionalize. We believe we are the ones who can make eco-design evolve from grassroots culture to become a natural part of mainstream consumer culture. If you want to share your knowledge and develop professionally in the field of sustainable innovation, sign up here.  In the network, we work with sustainable products and services, eco-friendly behavior change, circular economy, C2C, LCA, regenerative design, biodiversity, materials, production, and recycling systems.

Pil Bredahl:
Pil Bredahl: 
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