Lowww: How to design for a low carbon world wide web

Lowww: How to design for a low carbon world wide web

Date: October 25
Time: 9:00 – 10:00
Location: 1508, Wilders Plads 13A, 1403 København, Denmark

Browsing the internet for inspiration for your next vacation is as bad for the environment as actually traveling there by plane. Well, at least on a large scale. That is because accumulated, the internet emits the same amount of CO2 as the airline industry.

Following up on last season’s Morgenbooster ‘Don’t Click This‘, we will now look at how to implement the principles of low carbon digital design in your project. Drawing on our collaboration with Energistyrelsen on, you will leave with insights into what it means to work with low carbon web, what dilemmas it comes with, and how to balance them out.

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