Life Extension and Circular Business Models

Date: October 26th
Time: 16.30 - 18.00
Location: Online

SIGN UP VIA PODIO TO ATTEND – This seminar is a part of the 2023 ECO-design Challenge

Julie Hjort is responsible for the Danish Design Center’s work with circular transition and will introduce us to how to develop a circular economic mindset. It is possible to create a business that keeps resource value at the highest possible level for as long as possible and minimizes leakage to landfills and waste incineration. But circular value chains are more complex than linear ones – so what do they look like? How do we design for new consumer behavior? And how do we design for services and new circular systems?

In recent years, &Shufl has rethought its business strategy and worked to develop its operations under the heading ‘&Action’. Here, the company works with transparency, product development and recycling. Let’s hear more about the specific transition and how interaction with customers creates new business opportunities and ideas.

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