Designing Narratives & Evoking Change

Designing Narratives & Evoking Change

Date: October 6 — 11th
Time: TBC
Location: Danish Design Center, 2nd floor Blox, Bryghusgade 8, Entrance C, 1473 København

By The Danish Design Centre: Join us for our four-day, intensive flagship futures, systems, and design course as we explore the ideas, methods, and relationships that can help us imagine and bring to life a joyous and sustainable future.

We can’t predict the future, but with the use of design, storytelling, and scenarios, we can explore multiple alternative futures, giving us new perspectives on the issues and opportunities we face or might face in years to come. We can open up the opportunity space, we can define the future we want, and we can identify the actions we can take to bring us on the path of getting there. These approaches let you explore who you strive to be, they help you identify and deliver on the need for change within and around you, and they can support you in shaping the impact you want to have on the future.

Price for course €2000 – €3000 (excl. VAT).

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