Decoupling 2030 Lab: Circular Business Models and Product Design

Decoupling 2030 Lab: Circular Business Models and Product Design

Date: October 25th - February 2nd
Location: DANDY Business Park, Lysholt Allé 10, 7100 Vejle, Denmark

Course by Danish Design Center.

Need the tools and expertise to accelerate toward a circular future?

In our eight-year program, Decoupling 2030, we help Danish production companies with high sustainability ambitions to decouple their value creation from their climate and environmental impact. We do this through 1:1 expert advice and collaboration in the customized labs where we help companies set priorities, create actionable plans, and develop tailored solutions.

The ‘Circular Business Models and Product Design’ lab is your path to learning how to identify, develop, and implement circular solutions. Working closely with leading experts in sustainable manufacturing, circular economy, innovation, and business development, your company will have a unique opportunity to receive A to Z help building a circular business model, ultimately improving your sustainability profile and competitiveness.

We are looking for Danish production companies in the Triangle Region of Denmark (in Danish known as Trekantområdet) to sign up for the lab.

There will be a total of four full days in the lab: Kickstarting on October 25, continuing on December 6 and January 5, and ending on February 2, 2024.

This event is FREE.

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