Conditions of Creativity Now

Trevor Paglen, From 'Apple' to 'Anomaly', 2023. Photographer Malle Madsen.

Event organized by Lousiana. How are we creative in a time of artificial intelligence? What is it that we can do that computers cannot? Louisiana offers its perspective on these questions with the conference ‘Conditions of Creativity Now,’ stemming from the museum’s current exhibition ‘The Irreplaceable Human’. The conference ‘Conditions of Creativity Now’ is aimed […]

The Digital Product Passport in Fashion, Furniture, and Design

Lifestyle & DesignCluster like to invite you to an exciting webinar where KEA, FORCE, and Lifestyle & Design Cluster will explore the meaning and potential of the Digital Product Passport (DPP) within the fashion, furniture, and design industries. This webinar will provide you with insights into what consumers expect in terms of information and present […]

Your brand is invaluable – learn how to protect it


Organized by Dansk Erhverv. Come and receive expert advice on when, why, and how trademarks should be protected. Gain insights into the rules regarding the use of (others’) trademarks and leave with 10 key guidelines you need to know when safeguarding your own brand. Dansk Erhverv provides you with an easy opportunity to delve into […]

Is your design guide aligned with the ECO-design directive?

empty book

Organized by Lifestyle and Design Cluster. Lifestyle and Design Cluster welcomes you to Strategic Product Design. In consideration of their focus on Strategic Product Design, they inquire whether your design guide aligns with the ECO-design directive. Join them as they explore the intersection of design strategies and environmental responsibility in this insightful gathering. This event […]

Brainy Breakfast: How to use artificial intelligence in your work as a communicator


Event organized by DMJX. Speaker and instructor in artificial intelligence, Peder Hammerskov, invites along with host Rie Helmer to a free webinar where you will receive tips on actively using AI-based programs such as ChatGPT in your communication job. We have invited Peder Hammerskov to the studio, who teaches artificial intelligence and is the initiator […]

Symposium: Sense of Materials

Billede fra Mette Bak Andersen, fotograf: Morten Henckel Nielsen

Do we find the sustainable materials and solutions of the future in arts and crafts and design? The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Crafts and Design invites you to a Symposium on material innovation in artistic processes. When registering, please remember to sign up for one of the three Break-out sessions and indicate whether you […]

Furniture Seminar 2023


The furniture seminar is organized by the national business cluster Lifestyle & Design Cluster and the Royal Academy, Institute of Architecture and Design. Furniture Seminar 2023 focuses on problematic materials. The day sharpens the focus towards two of the more criticized materials used in the furniture industry; plastic and foam for upholstery. In Denmark, we […]

Creative Circle presents – The Howard Gossard Show

Creative Circle præsenterer: The Howard Gossard Show

Event organized by Creative Circle. Welcome to this special edition of Creative Works. If you’ve never heard of Howard Gossage, it’s not so surprising. He’s been described as the forgotten genius of the advertising industry. However, in recent years, many have discovered and been inspired by the groundbreaking work he undertook in the 1950s and […]

MEMBERS’ NIGHT: The Architect Behind the Architecture

Organized event by Louisiana. Kjeld Kjeldsen is an institution at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and a legend in the world of architecture. For half a century, from 1973 to 2023, he has communicated and continues to communicate design and architecture at the museum. Currently, he is involved in the sixth and final part […]

Service Design Management – Setting the Stage for Implementation

pencil and book

Event organized by Service Design Network. Learn how to tackle service design implementation in this SDN Academy Masterclass. This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of service design implementation and organisational change. We will discuss strategies to ensure that user experience concepts are not getting blocked internally and ultimately removed from the priority list. […]