The stage is set: You have the leading role!


Event organized by Danish Architecture Center. Architecture awakens our senses and emotions, much like in a theatrical performance. We feel it everywhere. From the church space to the cafeteria – or when the escalator takes us down into the depths towards the metro platform. Come to AfterDAC and experience playwright Line Knutzon, architect My Lunsjö, […]

Circular Furniture Days 2024

Event by Lifestyle & Design Cluster. Circular Furniture Days is an annual exhibition developed and hosted by the Lifestyle & Design Cluster in conjunction with the international design event 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen. Here, we curate and showcase circular and innovative solutions – the circular examples – from Danish furniture and interior brands. This year, the […]

Salone del Mobile Milano 2024

Join this years Salone del Mobile, the pinnacle of furniture fairs, held annually in Milan, Italy. Explore the forefront of design innovation, from exquisite furniture to stunning lighting and beyond. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and inspiration, alongside industry leaders and design aficionados from across the globe. Mark your calendars for Salone del […]

Beyond the Lens: How AI is changing creative workflows


Event organized by Designit. Join Designit to dive deeper into the workflow, use cases, and impact of Generative AI in the design process. With new powerful AI tools at our disposal, creativity is taking on a whole new dimension. The lines between the digital and physical, human and technology, are becoming ever more blurred. And […]

Who – or what – determines what constitutes good architecture?

Event organized by Danish Arkitektur Center. Is it the architects or the critics who can determine what good architecture is? Or should it instead be evidence-based knowledge about architecture’s impact on us as humans and the demand for sustainability that should decide the matter and be decisive for what should be built in the future? […]

Circular Furniture Network

Organized by Lifestyle & Designcluster. Circular Furniture Network is an exclusive business network for Danish furniture and interior brands strategically working with circular economy and responsibility, aiming to share knowledge, develop, and collaborate with other like-minded brands facing similar challenges and opportunities. Please follow the link for additional information. This event is FREE.

Changing Perspective

Creative Mornings

Event organized by Creative Mornings. In 2016, Granyon embarked on a mission to revolutionize the landscape of digital design and web project execution. With a vision that prioritized creativity over technology, the journey was set to challenge norms and redefine industry standards. However, just two years into this transformative journey, Granyon found themselves at a pivotal crossroads. […]

Seeing like a machine – Meet artist Trevor Paglen

Trevor Paglen, From 'Apple' to 'Anomaly', 2023. Photographer Malle Madsen.

Event organized by Louisiana. In this lecture, the American artist Trevor Paglen explores the technologies behind and reveals lesser-known stories from AI research: a Cold War AI expert employed by the CIA to pave the way for facial recognition, a series of heartbreaking experiments with kittens that prompted a peculiar picture theory, and a controversial […]



Event organized by BLOXHUB. Join BLOXHUB as they unveil Denmark’s first Biodiversity Tactic guiding urban actors to understand and enhance biodiversity in urban landscapes. Based on three years of meticulous PhD research, Lotte Nystrup Lund’s book “BiodiversitetsTaktik” has been crafted in collaboration with various stakeholders, ranging from biologists and architects to protesting citizens and international […]

How Would Nature Solve It?


Event organized by 1508. Explore how the timeless insights of nature can transform digital design when we dive into how eco-system principles can help us solve complex problems. This is about gaining wisdom from the ultimate teacher: nature, our planet’s most experienced innovator. You’ll leave not just inspired but also equipped with a better understanding […]