Lifestyle & Design Cluster: Annual Furniture Seminar 2023

Lifestyle and design cluster

Event organized by Lifestyle & Design Cluster. In Denmark, our resource consumption is significantly above average, both when compared to EU countries and globally. This has significant consequences for the climate, and we need to examine the CO2 emissions of design products. This is where circularity in terms of economics, production, and consumption comes into […]

LOOP Forum 2024


Event organized by LOOP Forum. LOOP invites you to their annual event, ‘LOOP Forum 2024,’ where you can gain insights into the Circular Economy, with a strong emphasis on: You can read more about their program trough the link below. This event is FREE.

Spark Festival: 3 Days Virtual Conference

Spark festival

Event organized by Spark. At Spark, innovation isn’t just a buzzword. This virtual conference is designed for marketing enthusiasts around the world who are passionate about transforming digital insights into real-world impact. Spark speakers illuminate the path from raw data to actionable strategies. Join us to get inspired, forge connections, and unleash your potential to […]

Event by GRAKOM: Design Psychology & User-Friendly Graphics


Event organized by Grakom. People have two types of vision, and graphic design often fails to cater to both. This is particularly evident in graphical user interfaces, where support for our basic visual system is often lacking. This disconnects the human “graphic process” that helps us function efficiently in our daily lives. User-friendly graphics ensure […]

Formal Settings Invites to Book Launch: Notes on Book Design


Event organized by Formal Setting. About the book: “Notes on Book Design” is a collection of 50 texts written by designers Amanda-Li Kollberg and Siri Lee Lindskrog from the design and typography agency Formal Settings. The texts are based on books from Hopscotch Reading Room, an antiquarian and bookstore in Berlin. “With a new book […]

The Mindcraft Project 2023

On 5 October the new digital exhibition by The Mindcraft Project launches, and this year we will celebrate the launch with a special one-day exhibition in Copenhagen, where you have the chance to see the works and meet the artists. The designers and makers this year: Anna Søgaard, Christian & Jade, Henrik Tjærby, Jonas Edvard, […]

Inscript Collective – Festival

Inscript Experimental Typography Festival

Inscript is a week-long festival that lives at the overlap where typography and communication meet brazen experimentation. A virtual event for sharing the wildest experiments or latest innovations, Inscript highlights industry experts across typography, creative coding, phygital media, and more—from artificial intelligence to type knitting; from augmented realities to massive interactions in the physical landscape; […]

Statens Kunstfonds årlige seminar: Kunstens rolle i samfundet

statens kunstfond

Join us at the annual seminar of the State Art Fund: What is the significance of art for our communities and well-being? In recent years, several studies have highlighted a growing sense of well-being issues among children and young people. There is a significant focus on this issue among policymakers, and in the new government’s […]

Udstilling – Planetary Boundaries – Rethinking Architecture and Design

Planetary Boundaries - Rethinking Architecture and Design

The Royal Academy has long focused on finding ways to reduce CO2 emissions in construction, restoring rather than building anew, and creating designs that endure. The focal point of the exhibition “Planetary Boundaries – rethinking Architecture and Design” is to understand the world with fresh eyes, exploring how architecture and design can work with the […]

Stockholm Design Week

Stockholm Design Week returns in 2024. Inviting professionals as well as enthusiasts, the week provides a platform to network, launch news and discuss ideas together. It serves as an intimate gathering with an emphasize on knowledge sharing. The February edition offers a program with talks, exhibitions, open studios and showrooms. During the seven days gathering, […]