Foto: TREDJE NATUR, Structured Environment, Henrik Innovation, Aichiken for Nordisk and The City of Inabe

Building Green – The Regenerative Construction

Date: October 30th - 31th
Location: Forum, Julius Thomsens Plads 1, 1925 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Event organized by Building Green.

Can you imagine cities that feel like forests, where buildings are adorned with plants and trees, and rooftops are plastered with gardens and agriculture? Can you envision electrified buildings powered by renewable energy sources? Or what about cities that bring people together in communities where mental well-being is a priority? We can, for we dream of a regenerative future!

Regenerative construction is an ambitious goal, demanding significant leaps in how we plan, design, and build. At Building Green Copenhagen, we once again raise the bar as we focus on the theme ‘Regenerative Construction.’ Gain insights into regenerative building and discover what we can do right now to move towards it.

Does it sound too radical, ambitious, or like a fantasy? Remember, cities are created by people, and initiatives are launched and implemented in many places around the world.

This event is FREE.

Photo: TREDJE NATUR, Structured Environment, Henrik Innovation, Aichiken for Nordisk and The City of Inabe.

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